Our Services

  • We focus on empowerment and entrepreneurship development.

  • We provide credit facility to other cooperative societies.

  • Management Training & General Management Consultancy Services.

  • Corporate Financial Solution.

  • General Contractor.

  • ICT Consultancy and Training.

  • System Sales, Maintenance and Repairs.

Business carried on by GMCS

Guarantee Multipurpose Cooperative SocietyLimited provide financial services in the areas of fund and investment management, asset procurement, cooperative/project financing, working capital financing , LPO financing, personal loans, entrepreneurship development and etc.

Guarantee Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited is a value – oriented and innovative cooperative society which seeks to deliver consistent growth and return on your funds through value investing and risk management.

Benefits of banking with Guarrantee Cooperative

  • Promote among the members, the spirit of thrift and entrepreneurship development.

  • Members enjoy credit facility and loan at a considerable rate

  • Encourage regular contribution and savings (weekly/monthly) among members by attractive return/interest payment.

  • Business empowerment for growth.

  • Undertake and invest in new businesses that will be beneficial to our members and shareholders.

  • Loans and Credit facilities can easily be accessed.

  • The structure of our products and services are flexible to accommodate contributors and investors.

  • Loans and credit facility repayment are well structured and terms are convenient for repayment.

  • Simple and convenient means of build –up funds for future use.

  • Availability of steady streams of incomefor our members.

  • Opportunity to Build-up earnings.

  • Annual entrepreneurship empowerment, seminar and training.

  • Reduced financial pressure on our members and shareholders.

  • Financial and entrepreneurship advisory services

  • Members and Shareholders can access loans and credit facilities within 7 working days and cash can be made available to any bank in Nigeria