About GMCS Ltd

GMCS Limited welcome and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with innovative financial services in the area of asset procurement, entrepreneurship development, cooperative/project financing, working capital financing, LPO financing, personal loans, investment management, research/training and other consultancy services.

At GMCS, we pride ourselves in the delivery of excellent customer services and our committed professionals are always available to provide you with tailor-made professional services to surpass your expectation in achieving your personal and cooperative financial services. Our financial strategy is to consider your investment horizon to your liquidity needs and your risk tolerant is also important to us in the creation of wealth for you.


  • We have seasoned professionals and consultants in all aspect of our financial services.

  • We offer flexible entry and exit.

  • We give/offer quarterly payment of principal and return/interest on contributions and stakeholders’ investment.

  • We offer free financial and investment advisory services to our members and stakeholders.

  • We are committed to maximizing our members’ and stakeholders’ investments.

  • We offer quick, efficient and personalized quality services.

  • We are committed to the delivery of professional and excellent services.

  • We manage other cooperative investment accounts through our investment and Financial Advisory Service Dept

  • We create wealth and offer other unique and tailor-made services to the specific needs of our members and stakeholders. With our services you are always guaranteed convenient, comfortable, safe and secured financial services.